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Bozon Tracks

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The King of the Plow and Stars
A Canadian Overture
A Protozoan Revenge
Puget Sound
Son Of Chuck & Bob
Ice Logic
Veins In The Pavement
Famous ‘admen of the West
Nomad Speaks

Famous ‘admen of the West excerpt

8. Famous ‘admen of the West (Anderson/Vaughan/Bozon) 11:44
© 1980 Drew Anderson
Chuck Masten– vocals
Drew Anderson– Harmonica
Recorded Live at the Bozon rehearsal studio by Tom Meshishnek, additional engineering by BK & BS

During our first sessions Tim asked me to write a riff around a West African rhythm that George Marsh had shown him. I created a lazy, harmonica driven introduction I hoped might evoke a “storytelling around the campfire” mood followed by a rolling 5/4 bass line and a melody with a Mexicali flavor that would drive at a gallop toward what had by then come to be known affectionately as "the 12 1/2" (12 and 1/2 over 4 time signature). In early rehearsals percussionist Chuck Masten shouted out a vocal that seemed inspired by the classic cattle drive scenes in John Ford/Howard Hawks films and we realized an homage to the great scores of epic Hollywood Westerns was taking shape; this was something I'd always wanted to do, so pursuant to that theme I suggested the title "Famous Badmen of the West" to which Brian quipped "'ad-men' of the West". Probably more than any other work on this CD “'admen” has been the beneficiary of the “Bozon Process”. It is presented here having been painstakingly re-engineered by Bruce from a live-in- the-studio performance. An epic? Oh hell yeah. The process of creating this piece certainly has been that. - da

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