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Bozon Tracks

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The King of the Plow and Stars
A Canadian Overture
A Protozoan Revenge
Puget Sound
Son Of Chuck & Bob
Ice Logic
Veins In The Pavement
Famous ‘admen of the West
Nomad Speaks

Veins In The Pavement excerpt

7. Veins In The Pavement (Vaughan, Schindele, Kaphan/Bozon) 6:32
Composed 1980 © 2010 Brian Schindele
Brian Schindele & Bruce Kaphan - vocals
Recorded at the Bozon rehearsal studio by BK & BS

While the entire band had a large arrangement influence, the usual modus operandi was that the composer would bring in a tune pretty much charted out, then the band provided additional ideas on transitions, ways to expand sections, and the like. This tune was different because it was written by the three of us (Bruce, Tim and myself) in a collaborative fashion. Aside from the group improv at the top of the tune, I wrote the jazz fusion intro part (with the double speed line being Bruce's), Tim came up with the origin (the bass line in five and the driving chords), I came up with the B part (changing the bass line to 4/4 - horrors) and Bruce wrote the melody. The spooky middle section chords are mine and Bruce's solo shows the Terje Rypdal influence. Tim pulls off a very cool solo before we head out. - bs

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