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Bozon Tracks

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The King of the Plow and Stars
A Canadian Overture
A Protozoan Revenge
Puget Sound
Son Of Chuck & Bob
Ice Logic
Veins In The Pavement
Famous ‘admen of the West
Nomad Speaks

The King of the Plough and Stars excerpt

1.The King of the Plough and Stars (Anderson/Bozon) 7:46
© 1980 Drew Anderson
Recorded at the Bozon rehearsal studio by BK & BS

Part of the synergy that allowed Bozon to work when it did was that Brian, Tim and myself all shared roots in the theater. As such we had been familiar with and inspired by actor/playwright Robert Shaw’s work for many years; long before he became forever associated with sharks we had been mutually mesmerized and inspired by his passionate performances in such films as The Hireling and Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker. So on the day of his death a spontaneous wake was held by the three of us at the Plough and Stars Pub (San Francisco, CA) in which the concept for a tune honoring the legendary stage and film icon was hatched. Exactly what transpired after that remains a bit hazy but some many pints later as we tumbled out into the night I was elected to return to the studio to begin work on the piece and somewhere between that hour and the dawn "The King of the Plough and Stars” was born and yes, it is named for and dedicated with great affection and respect to the memory of the late, great actor/writer Robert Shaw. - da

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