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Bozon Tracks

For more information on the individual tracks, sound clips & images click the links below.

The King of the Plow and Stars
A Canadian Overture
A Protozoan Revenge
Puget Sound
Son Of Chuck & Bob
Ice Logic
Veins In The Pavement
Famous ‘admen of the West
Nomad Speaks

Puget Sound excerpt

4. Puget Sound (Schindele/Bozon) 10:42
Composed 1980 © 2010 Brian Schindele
Brian Schindele – piano
Bruce Bowers – violin
Tim Vaughan – marimba
Skooter Fein - congas & additional percussion
Recorded at Dragon Studios, Redwood City, CA and Niagara Falls, engineered by BK

The other piece (along with “Ice Logic”) which was recorded in a real studio. This tune was brought in toward the end of Bozon and was recorded after the band broke up (therefore I’m on piano instead of Drew). Even with 24 tracks, we wound up combining tracks. There were a bazillion percussion overdubs. Heck, we probably could have made a full cd out of the rain stick tracks alone. Again, this could be something of a programmatic piece (which is odd, because I usually don't write that way). I suppose it's the ship's bell or something. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and still find it a very enjoyable place. I‘ve written two songs about the area, this one and “Port Townsend” which was performed by the band The Brickman. - bs

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