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Bozon Tracks

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The King of the Plow and Stars
A Canadian Overture
A Protozoan Revenge
Puget Sound
Son Of Chuck & Bob
Ice Logic
Veins In The Pavement
Famous ‘admen of the West
Nomad Speaks

Nomad Speaks excerpt

9. Nomad Speaks (Kaphan/Bozon) 11:44
©1980 Bruce Kaphan
Drew Anderson - orchestra bells
Recorded at the Bozon rehearsal studio by BK & BS
Sonic Solutions No-Noise processing done by Ron Rigler at House of X, Novato, CA

Inspired by the TV show Star Trek’s season 2, episode 37 show “The Changeling”. A damaged robot spaceship (Nomad) mistakenly thinks that James T. Kirk is its creator (its real creator was Jackson Roy Kirk). Nomad was originally built to explore the galaxy and seek out new life forms. Spock discovers that Nomad had been severely damaged in a collision with "Tan-Ru", an alien probe designed to obtain and sterilize soil samples. Some of its memory was lost, its programming intermingled and perverted by Tan-Ru's directive, to the extent that the new Nomad thought its directive was to sterilize imperfections. Nomad, when confronted with imperfections recited the mantra “faulty, error, must sterilize”, then proceeded to destroy the imperfection. When it hears Uhura singing over the intercom, it seeks her out, questioning her as to what form of communication she was practicing. When she replies “music”, it erases her mind, calling her a mass of conflicting impulses. - bk

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