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Hybrid Tracks

Bruce Kaphan - Hybrid

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Pōhaka Lā
gleaming towers
loops for larry
arctic front
okanagan jubilee
dust bowl revisited
there but 4

Dust Bowl Revisited

Bleak House
Bleaker House, by Grant Groberg
One of my favorite moments on Hybrid is the transition from the pastoral Okanagan Jubilee into the darkness that is Dust Bowl Revisited. Dust Bowl Revisited was inspired (odd use of the word - is there an antonym for "inspire"?) by seeing two documentaries back-to-back; one on the Dust Bowl, the other on global warming.

Many thanks to John Loose for his inspired low-tuned tabla playing and his patience with a producer who gave some pretty weird direction, and to David Immerglück for finding the perfect balance between music and noise.

For the gearheads, other than the pedal steel ostenato at the end of the piece, all of the pedal steel track(s) was played with an E-Bow.

Thanks to Grant Groberg for the use of his photo Bleaker House. I'm fearful that with the amount of carbon dioxide being dumped into the atmosphere, and the inability of human beings to get organized over anything other than finding new ways to kill each other (and any other species in their path), Bleakest House is on the horizon...

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