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Hybrid Tracks

Bruce Kaphan - Hybrid

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Pōhaka Lā
gleaming towers
loops for larry
arctic front
okanagan jubilee
dust bowl revisited
there but 4

Arctic Front

Arctic Front started to form in December of 2008. An arctic front was bearing down on the San Francisco Bay Area. The temperature was frigid and the wind was really picking up. There's a big Ash tree outside my studio; it makes quite a sound when the wind whips through it. I hung some wind chimes on our clothesline, put a pair of mics in the doorway of my studio and captured the wind in the tree and chimes. I tried to capture the feeling of this storm in music. I began with synths and steel and later Salar Nader added tabla. For a long time I thought the track was done, but eventually grasped that it needed something else. One day the thought struck me that Matt Brubeck's cello would bring the track just what it needed. Matt lives in Ontario, Canada these days, so I uploaded the track for him and his engineer Darryl Neudorf. As he has done every time we've worked together, Matt exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Salar, Matt and Darryl!

Bruce Kaphan

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