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Bruce Kaphan Quartet Tracks

Bruce Kaphan Quartet

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Aether aka Æther
Been Here Soon
Grapple With The Apple
Iz Isn't
Whats New
Running With Big Dogs
En Noir Et Blanc
Highways Remembered

Running WIth Big Dogs (excerpt)

Running With Big Dogs

Sometimes it's better to leave the origin of a song title to the imagination of the listener. This is one of those cases. At one point, the working title for this piece was A Thousand Cockroaches Are Eating My Brain. I thought that would be too off-putting... That's another song title for which it's probably better to leave the origin to the imagination of the listener...

One day when Jeffrey and I were tweaking the mix on this track, we began to free associate all the influences we could hear in the writing and playing of this tune. We thought it would be fun to get John R., Jason, and the two of us in a room, add whiskey and a video camera and not stop the camera until the list of names of those whose influence on us was apparent enough to mention was exhausted. Let's see, for this tune, Frank Zappa, Thelonius Monk, Albert King, McCoy Tyner, Dixie Dregs, Bozon...

This track features John R. Burr on piano, Jeffrey Wash on fretless electric bass and Jason Lewis on drums.

Bruce Kaphan

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