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Bruce Kaphan Quartet Tracks

Bruce Kaphan Quartet

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Aether aka Æther
Been Here Soon
Grapple With The Apple
Iz Isn't
Whats New
Running With Big Dogs
En Noir Et Blanc
Highways Remembered

Iz Isnt (excerpt)

Iz Isn't

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Over the years I've developed a very strong attraction to Hawaii and things Hawaiian. Though his work spread well beyond the islands, if you spend time there, it's inevitable that at some point (really, many points) in time you'll hear the mellifluous sound of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's voice wafting over the radio or TV, or in a restaurant, wherever... Known affectionately on the islands as "Brudda Iz", his voice was a rare treasure. A number of years ago, while I was on the Big Island, I learned that Iz had passed away. He died very young. I was moved learning of his passing and through that emotion, out flowed the piece of music I'd later name Iz Isn't. This piece is my effort at a tribute to him; at the very least it's dedicated to his memory.

This track features John R. Burr on piano, Jeffrey Wash on fretless electric bass and Jason Lewis on drums.

Bruce Kaphan

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