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Slider Tracks

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country and eastern
high desert
big brain small brain
back to the light
sideways carousel
arc of flight
homage (pour la grande fromage)
undeserved ending
shinn pond

Outpost excerpt

Eagle Nebula
The Eagle Nebula, photographed by the
Hubble Telescope


When I was commissioned by Hearts of Space mastermind Stephen Hill to make Slider- Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar, I had never before written space music. Stephen got me up to speed by turning me onto examples from the genre. By the time I made Slider, I had written a fair amount of underscore for film and video, so writing with a purpose didn't seem at all foreign to me. On Slider,Outpost is probably the most quintessential example of this kind of cinematic writing. I imagined a space station light years away from the nearest human settlement and wrote underscore for that mental picture.

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